Friday, November 18, 2011


So here I am again!  Back in Bad Salzhausen but a different season this time.  I arrived to a dark and cool -2 degrees!  The walk from the hotel to the clinic can be a bit bracing at times but thankfully it only takes about 4 minutes.  I had another full body hyperthermia this week which I found quite uncomfortable for most of the two hours.  The highest temperature was 39.9 for about 20 minutes so was quite glad when it was all over!  I have another one next week so I am not looking forward to that.  As usual, there are quite a few Aussies here plus Americans, Canadians & Brits so plenty of people to chat to.  One guy, Tim from South Australia, has hired a car so I have been out a few times for a drive in the countryside.  It is always good to get out of the clinic for a change of scenery.  My friend from last visit, Sylvia, arrived last night so we have been busy catching up in between appointments today and it is good to see her again.  Tomorrow, after treatments, I am going on a train to Aachen which is near the Dutch and Belgium border for two nights.  I am meeting up with my friend Martin who is coming over from the UK on the Eurostar.  There are xmas markets on so we are going to check them out.  Am really looking forward to it, will update next week when I return....

Pictures from Bad Salzhausen main street and surrounding parks

Monday, November 07, 2011


The day after the memorial match we flew back home and no sooner had we arrived back, it was the annual school fair!! We were all still a bit jet lagged but managed to last out, the girls spent the day on rides and I helped out on the silent auction stall.  We had a great firework display to finish the evening off.
So two weeks back at school, Ella attended a music camp for 4 days and then it was two weeks school holidays! 
During this time I had my six monthly scan and everything is still stable so I am heading back to Germany in November for further treatment.

Just after the school holidays, Eileen & Sid (Glenn’s parents) came to stay for a few days.  They had already spent 10 days in Noosa so were happy to help with some jobs around the house.  I am trying to get things ready for Xmas as I have mum, Trudi and her girls coming.  We are all very excited!  I have been painting, oiling, cleaning, sorting, planting and purchasing!

Also in October my friend Tracy had her 50th and she had a great party in town, it was so nice to get dressed up for the evening!  I had a fab time catching up with old friends.
My friend BJ also celebrated her 50th with a great back yard party (in the paddock!), complete with marquees, bouncy castle, huge camp fire and camping and so much delicious food too!

The girls have been going well and started the swim season with squad lessons and Friday night swim club.  Kate has been accepted into the school strings program so she will be learning to play the violin next year.  Ella has been learning viola for the past two years so it is going to get a little bit noisy when they are both rehearsing!

So the plan for my clinic visit is that I am leaving the girls at home and mum is coming over from the UK to look after them.  We both depart on Sun 13th and will be passing each other in the air!  The girls are going to stay with the O'Shanassy family (Kim, Stephen, Holly & Kyla) for a couple of nights until mum arrives. 

Well, that's all from me, next update from Germany!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The 3rd Andy Knight Memorial Trophy Match

What a fabulous day!  Each year my sister Trudi organises (with the fantastic help of a few others) a memorial football match in memory of her late husband, Andy. It is usually held on the last Sunday in August and they raise money for Polegate Children with Cancer Fund. Each event is bigger than the last and this was no exception!  The first one in 2009 was between Knighty’s Gunners (Andy's mates) & Eastbourne United veterans (Gunners won 3-1) which raised £870.
Last year the same teams contested the trophy (Gunners again 6-0) and in addition to a raffle there was a bbq plus the club bar and approx £1200 was raised.
This year it was a tournament involving 4 veteran teams (including the Gunners) also a mini fun fair, bouncy castle, tombola, raffle, bbq, bar, tea & cakes, even an ice cream van!
My friend, Cindy, came down from London for the weekend so we ran the tombola stall.  All the prizes were donated by generous friends and local businesses.

Just before the final kick off, family members stood on the pitch with the players for a minute’s clapping.

The final was between the Gunners and Eastbourne United (again), it was a close one with the Gunners losing on a penalty shoot out! Over £2700 was raised which was a fabulous effort.

I managed to catch up with a few people I hadn't seen for over 20 years and was so glad we were part of it and could contribute in some way, hopefully we can attend another one someday...

Cindy & I on the tombola!

One minute's clapping in memory of Andy
With Trudi my sister
Sharon & I have been friends since the age of 5!
Her brother-in-law played for Knighty's Gunners

Friday, August 26, 2011


It was a bit of a shock to get back to the real world especially as I walked through the customs area and saw an open suitcase full of suspicious looking packages upon my return to London City airport!  I was quickly ushered out and all the while thinking that the owner may have been on my flight!  
It was lovely to be collected by my friend Paul and we chatted non-stop to Saffron Walden, Essex, where I met up with Trisha for the first time in 13 years.  After a cuppa and a chat, I was off to stay with Debs and Dave in Grundisburgh, Suffolk where Ella & Kate were waiting for me.  The girls had been staying there for a few days and it was so good to see them. We stayed for another 4 nights, visited a few places in the area and saw a float procession on a lake one evening followed by a great firework display. 
Back at Mum's for a week but unfortunately the weather wasn't too good so we didn't get to go out and about as much as we would have liked.  The girls were happy to be back with their cousin Caitlin who has spent most of her summer holiday with them.  I did manage to catch up with quite a few friends and family for pub dinners, teas & lunches during the week so that was fun.  
Normally during August I am preparing for the annual school fair which is on the first Sat in September so it was quite nice to be doing something else for a change!  I have still been busy baking though as I suggested a tea, coffee and cake stand at Andy's memorial match on Sunday!  Don't want to see another cup cake for a while but we are all really looking forward to it...

With my dear friend Debs
With Debs & Dave
Dinner at the Giants Rest with Cindy, Julia & Marty

With cousin Caitlin at the base of the Long Man

Ice creams at Felixstowe

Sunday, August 14, 2011


It has been a week since my last update and I have been so busy at the clinic the time has just flown.  I have had another full body hyperthermia this week which was better the second time around, maybe as I knew what to expect.  It was slightly hotter than last time but I seemed to tolerate it quite well.  Must have worn me out though as I slept for 4 hours afterwards and nearly missed dinner!
The rest of the week has been the usual daily gentle heat hyperthermia, magnetic field therapy, various injections and infusions etc.  It does become quite busy, we all have our own timetables and rush off for various treatments at different times.  The usual meeting places are the dining room or day room and there are always people around to chat to.
I have been trying to visit the gym regularly too as I have to do 30 mins exercise a day which so far I have managed to keep up!
The weekends are very quiet at the clinic, the treatments finish by Saturday lunchtime and don't resume until Monday morning.  Last weekend there was a farmers market in the main street which comes here once a month so that gave us something new to do.  Also a brass band plays every Sunday afternoon in the park so it can get quite busy although the average age must be about 70!  
The shopping excursion this week was to a nearby town called Gissen.  I went with a couple from KL and had a lovely time shopping with Becky whilst her husband pottered around by himself.  I think he was rather pleased I was there as he didn't have to look at women's stuff and could do his own thing!
I went into Nidda on Friday night for dinner with Sylvia and a couple of other patients. It was a nice change from the clinic food as we are all getting a bit fed up with it!  It is ok when you first arrive but after 3 weeks it gets a bit repetitive.
So now only three nights to go and I shall be heading back to the UK.  
After my consultation with Dr Herzog this week, I shall probably return here in November for a couple of weeks for further treatment.  This will be much the same as I have had this visit if my next scan results are good which will be in about six weeks time.
Having tea and cake whilst
knitting a scarf!!!
Mum has done a great job looking after Ella and Kate, they don't sound like they have missed me at all!  I am heading up to Ipswich to stay with my dear friends, Debs and Dave, who are having the girls for the next few days and I am really looking forward to seeing them all.
Thank you so much for all your comments and emails, it has been great to have your support and read all the news.
Until my next update, Linda x

 Park in Bad Salzhausen
View from my hotel window
The town is surrounded by these fields, this is
along our walk to Nidda
My hotel

Saturday, August 06, 2011


Since last writing I have endured the moderate full body hyperthermia which kept my body temperature at 39.8 degrees for 2 hours whilst having antioxidant infusions. I tried to imagine I was laying in a hammock on a tropical island, waiting for my mojito!  Whilst I was having this treatment Jo arrived from KL and was waiting for me just outside the hyperthermia area.  So it was a lovely surprise when I walked out and it was really great having her here.
On Tuesday afternoon we walked into the nearest town along a small track in the countryside, with Sylvia who is one of the patients from the UK.  She was bought up in Brighton, East Sussex, just a few miles from my childhood home.  We had a nice afternoon in Nidda and ended up at a restaurant sitting outside in the town square having a fabulous German meal for dinner.
The next day after treatments, we took a bus excursion into Frankfurt where we had a couple of hours to look around the shopping area.  There was an Italian festival on and it was nice to get out of the clinic again for the afternoon.
A group of us walked into Nidda again yesterday afternoon for a coffee, it is a lovely walk especially when the weather is warm and sunny.  Jo left today and I was sad to see her leave, she has been a wonderful help this week and it has been great to have her company.  I do miss someone to do my washing, ironing and juicing now! 
Whilst she was here I moved into a guest house which is only a short stroll from the clinic and I shall remain here now until I leave.  The daily routine at the clinic is busy with various treatments, infusions, tests, and consultations so I look forward to returning here each night after dinner and chilling out!

Here are some photos of the Herzog Clinic, Bad Salzhausen, and my visit to Nidda with Jo and Sylvia.  I will try to update again soon....

Herzog Clinic

View from outside Herzog Clinic looking down
main street of Bad Salzhausen
Main street of Bad Salzhausen
With Sylvia in Nidda
With Jo in Nidda

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Have been at the clinic for 4 days now and getting to know the routine.  It is very social and I have met many people from around the world.  There are quite a few Aussies here and a few from the UK so I fit in very well! The clinic is situated about an hour from Frankfurt in a small town called Bad Salzhausen.  It is very rural and surrounded by lovely parks and is a perfect time to visit as the weather is warm with long summer evenings.
The treatments are going well, so far I have only had a daily local hyperthermia which is a gentle heating method. Tomorrow I have the moderate-whole body hyperthermia where the body temperature is heated up to 40 degrees.
Also tomorrow my friend, Jo, from Kuala Lumpur is arriving for a few days so I am looking forward to seeing a familiar face.
I will attach some photos of the town and clinic in my next post...